Hello and Welcome

What is The Female Medic?

Welcome to The Female Medic. This blog will be a mix and mash of all the things I love and want to talk about.

Hello, I am a graduate medical student at Warwick University. I have taken an unusual road the medicine, doing a degree in English Literature before having a change of heart.

Since starting medicine I have become passionate about Public Health, in particular Women’s Health. Saying that, I love most aspects of my course and will be discussing many potential career paths. In this blog I will give you updates on what it is like to be a graduate medic, alongside information about wellbeing, gynae health and more general things like books, theatre and travel. So please, dip in and out and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see


The Female Medic

Insta: @thefemale_medic

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